Despite my many favourite hairdressing  techniques, barbering is in fact one of my favourite !

But what is barbering many ask?

And a simple answer could be doing fades,beards and clean shaves.

But Why Barbering ?

Well, I can give a million reasons why is so – but let’s make it simpler, and of course the less boring possible

for you to read and explain how it all happened year by year.

1988 – At  just  the of 10, I started spending time at my Grandpa’s salon, Ta’ Dwardu Barber. I still remember how passionate he was about barbering, and the positivity he transmitted during his days of work -by which i learnt and felt what a great career would the one of a barber and so i got motivated to learn what it entails.

1994 – Practice does make perfect especially when i was given the opportunity to help out and practice everyday,  but it was time for school of               hairdressing and so i chose to make it even better by studying barbering and hairdressing.

1996 –  Guess the entrepreneur feel runs in the family, and so it was my time to open my first salon Street Style, located in Zebbug.

2006 – Time for a change launching of HAIR FACTORY !

2010 – Time for another change, for the better of course. Moved to another salon, with a brand new name, that of YUVA , which allowed me to offer a broader options of services.

2016 – Guessing  ‘6’ is my lucky number. I got chosen by DEPOT THE MALE TOOLS & CO to be their brand ambassador for Malta, with intensive barbering techniques, beard rituals and product knowledge.

2017 – Training times ! I had the opportunity to train the yearly collections Back to basics , Fussion of souls of DEPOT THE MALE TOOLS & CO.

2018 – The launching of the new collection THE NEW ORDER.

But let’s face it – in a day you do a lot of stuff which you easily forget the day after, and so the things i have put in my timeline are only a few of the many things i have gone through my career- BUT they tend to be my favourite accomplishments.  Of course, all were possible thanks to my loyal clientele, including a numerous famous artists such as Red Electrick, Danusan and Kevin Paul Calleja amongst others who all trust me with their image – guess spending time at the salon at the age of 10 wasen;t such a bad idea after all.



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