Hair is beautiful if it’s healthy.

The health of scalp and hair can change over time and this can be caused by different issues: stress nutrition, weather and the elements pollution medicines illnesses. Thus it is important to treat the scalp and hair problems with specific treatments and brings us back to the origin of this page – OXYZEN. 


What is OXYZEN?

A new frontier for hair care OXYZEN uses the technology of pure oxygen to give vitality to scalp and hair, improving the microcirculation of the scalp and the vibrant appearance of hair, for extraordinary results, healthy, soft and radiant hair.

How does it work?

A reduction of oxygen in tissue creates a reduction of cellular metabolism. One of the main causes of skin ageing is to obtain and maintain healthy scalp and healthy hear and so it is vital to apply oxygen locally to increase oxygenation of the scalp OXYZEN, combined with specific simply zen products, helps to improve and treat different ailments of the scalp and hair, improving microcirculation via the oxygenation of the scalp.

Why is OXYZEN ideal for you?

OXYZEN improves the health of scalp and hair and, as a consequence, improves the appearance of hair. All OXYZEN rituals are performed directly onto scalp and/or hair with a special spray gun that helps to spray the oxygen combined with a specific treatment quickly and efficiently, as well as enhancing the action of the active ingredients within the treatments.  


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